When You Might Need to Visit a Medical Marijuana Shop

Currently, medical marijuana is legal in more than 20 states in America. While recreational pot usage is controversial, many believe that the drug should be legal and be used for medical purposes. And although the benefits of smoking it may be overstated by the lawyers of marijuana legalization, new laws will help the researchers study the medical uses of it and better understand what impact it has on the body.

Researchers think that it has at least two active chemicals that have medical application. They are cannabidiol, which seems to have an impact over the brain, and tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as THC), which has pain relieving properties. And with that said, lets see why you might need to visit a medical marijuana shop.

Treating Glaucoma
The medical marijuana can be used to prevent or treat the eye disease glaucoma, which increases the pressure in the eyeball, damaging the optic nerve that can lead to loosing sight. According to the National Eye Institute, marijuana decreases the pressure inside the eye, which can slow down the progression of the disease and prevent the vision loss.

It can control epileptic seizures
A study back in 2003 showed that that marijuana can actually prevent epileptic seizures. Cannabinoids like the active ingredients in marijuana, THC, control seizures by making the brain cells responsible for regulating relaxation and controlling the mental state.

Decreases the symptoms of Dravet’s Syndrome
A couple of parents treated their 5-year-old daughter with medical marijuana strain low in THC and high in cannabidiol. The little girl who had about 300 seizures a week, cut them down to just one every seven days. Forty other children from the same state started using the same marijuana strain to treat their seizures, and for now, it seems to be working good.

Marijuana contains a chemical that stops cancer cells from spreading
Cannabidiol may help prevent cancer cells from spreading, a group of researches reported back in 2007. This chemical stops cancer from turning off a gene called Id-1. Cancer cells make more copies of that gene than the regular cells, which helps the cancer spread through the whole body. The researchers studies some breast cancer cell which had high expression levels of Id-1 and treated them with cannabidiol. After that treatment, the cancer cells had decreased the Id-1 expression and became lees aggressive.

These are some of the conditions that may lead you to a medical marijuana shop. If you live in Salem, OR and you need such help, turn to Club Pitbull. You can stop by the shop or give us a call at (503) 409-8192 to get additional information. You can also stay tuned for our next article where we will continue with the list of conditions for which marijuana can be helpful.