Alternative Health Care Giving You Unexpectedly Good Results

Are you suffering from pain and the drugs your doctor prescribed don’t seem to work at all? Do you want to try a new alternative health care method? We, at Club Pitbull, can offer you the finest solution for getting better! Our herbs shop is based in Salem, OR, and there you can find plenty of medical cannabis products available for you at very reasonable rates. Below, we have listed few of the services we offer. Take a minute and check them out!

Medical Marijuana Products – This is the place where you can find a wide variety of products based on medical marijuana. We offer you the unique opportunity to taste delicious drinks, candies and other edibles. Whether you are sick and want to feel better or you want to experience something new, these products are the right choice for you. But we should warn you, make sure that children have no access to them at all time! They contain the psycho active drug THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC stimulates cells in the brain to release dopamine, also called the hormone of happiness. Before using these products, you should consult your physician for recommended daily dose. We suggest you to not consume the entire product at one time. After you eat the candy or drink the soda, it may take up to 90 minutes before the medication takes effect. All we want for you is to be safe, healthy, laugh a lot and enjoy life.

Medical Plants – At our specialized medical plant shop, we sell selected plants and seeds that are among the finest on the market. Do not hesitate to pay us a visit any time, our courteous and friendly representatives would gladly assist you!

We are qualified and dependable shop for products made of medical marijuana. We have been proudly serving the residents in the area and all the surrounding neighborhoods, including , with first class quality services. If you want to deal with a professional and trusted partner, make sure you give us a call at (503) 409-8192 or pay us a visit today!