Cannabis flowers are the preferred choice of many people who have decided to try the alternative medicine



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The Herb Shop That Provides The Finest in Medical & Recreational Cannabis

Welcome to Club Pitbullā€˜s website! Our medical cannabis dispensary is one of the most renowned shops in and around the Salem, OR area. For over 6 years, we have been proudly serving the local community by providing the finest medical marijuana.

Our Pruducts

We offer a large selection of medical cannabis both plants and seeds, marijuana-infused products, and accessories. We have a huge selection of products including indicas, sativas, hybrids, edibles, and concentrates, and more. Our professional team is available to educate you to further your knowledge about the industry and its products. We can help with everything from growing operations to client care, so look no further than our well-respected marijuana store and pay us a visit today!

How Do We Provide Our Services?

At our local medical marijuana shop, we provide a unique, compassionate and confidential environment, making it a pleasant place for every of our clients. Everyone with an O.M.M.P card from across the state is welcome. We always keep patient records confidential and we guarantee we will never share any of your information with anyone. Keep in mind we are open 7 days a week from 12 to 6 P.M. We look forward to seeing you in our shop soon!


Why or When Would You Need Our Assistance?

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Are you tired of all the pills you take every day to get rid of it? If your answer is yes and you live in Salem, OR, our herb shop is the right place for you. Our dispensary was the first patient resource center in town. We assist anyone that is suffering from an assortment of ailments and medical conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc. Put your trust in us and rest easy knowing you are doing business with one of the finest specialists in the industry.